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Managing my GoMoWorld

Using GoMoWorld’s Europe and country-specific plans together

What are the country-specific plans?

In addition to our Europe plan, which covers 30+ countries (including the UK and Switzerland), GoMoWorld is offering country-specific plans in Europe. These plans provide more data for the same price as the Europe plan, tailored to individual countries.

How do the country-specific plans and the Europe plan work together?

If you have both a country-specific plan and the Europe plan activated, the country-specific plan will take priority in the designated country. This means that the data from your country-specific plan will be used first when you are in that country. Once the data from the country-specific plan is exhausted or if you travel to another country, your Europe plan will take over.

How do I activate a country-specific plan?

You can activate a country-specific plan through the GoMoWorld app, just like you would with the Europe plan. Simply select the desired country and purchase the plan that suits your needs.
GoMoWorld makes it easy to manage your eSIM and data plans directly from your phone.

Can I have multiple country-specific plans at the same time?

Yes, you can have multiple plans activated simultaneously. Each plan will have priority in its respective country, ensuring you get the most generous data allowance available.

By using GoMoWorld’s eSIM technology, travelers can enjoy hassle-free connectivity with tailored data plans designed to meet their specific needs.

Need Support?

At GoMoWorld, we're here to help. Email our care team today and we will respond to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

Alternatively, if you are a customer using the app, in the Settings you'll find the "Contact us" form.