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Managing my GoMoWorld

How do I use GoMoWorld services on a new phone?

Easy! If you want to transfer GoMoWorld onto another device, it’s super simple:

– Your new device needs to be eSIM-compatible and support the GoMoWorld service. You can find a list of supported devices in the Is my device compatible ? section under Getting Started.

– Download and install the GoMoWorld App on your new device and sign-in using the same login method.

– If you have any active plans, the GoMoWorld App will ask that you install a new eSIM on your new device, which will automatically transfer all your active plans to your new device.

– The GoMoWorld eSIM on your previous device will automatically be terminated and will no longer provide connectivity.

Need Support?

At GoMoWorld, we're here to help. Email our care team today and we will respond to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

Alternatively, if you are a customer using the app, in the Settings you'll find the "Contact us" form.