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Payment and Receipts

What happens if I can’t complete a payment (payment failed)?

This could be due to several reasons;

● An invalid payment method could have been selected – this may be down to insufficient funds or your card has expired.

● The payment is not allowed by our payment provider – this will be due to the CVV2 code on the back of your card being disabled. It will need to be enabled to purchase a GoPlan.

● Transaction is not allowed by the issuing bank – this will be down to your bank not allowing a payment. In most circumstances, this is because online payments have been disabled for your card. If this is the case you need to speak to your bank to re-enable your card.

● If your payment requires 3DS protection approval. If this is the case and the authorisation is not granted, the payment will fail and the purchase will not proceed. If this happens, you’ll need to restart the purchase and payment process.