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Get Data On The Go from €3.99


GoMoWorld is a revolutionary new app that gets you connected wherever you go. Get data when you travel to Armenia from the moment you arrive with plans from just €3.99.

Simply download your travel eSIM with the GoMoWorld App and dodge high data roaming charges when you travel. There’s no SIM and no contract, and no worries! You keep your own number and use you GoMoWorld Travel eSIM to get data.

How to get set up

Get Connected

15gb for €19.99

All plans have a 30-day cycle

1.5gb for €3.99

All plans have a 7-day cycle

Why choose GoMoWorld


No Hidden Cost. No Contracts.

GoMoWorld connects you to a local partner network, so you get all the benefits of roaming without the high charges and the freedom of no contract.


No SIM No Worries

GoMoWorld connects to local networks through your phone’s eSIM, so there’s zero hassle with sim cards or extra phones.

How GoMoWorld Works


Download The App

Head to the App Store or Google Play, search ‘GoMoWorld’ and download.


Install Your eSim

Follow the instructions on screen to install your eSim. Find more details using FAQ linked below.


Your Destination

From the dropdown menu, choose the country you’re going to.


Activate Your Plan

Once you reach your destination country, tap to open the GoMoWorld app and Go!


Roam like you’re at home.

This is everything you love about your regular mobile network, connecting you when you travel.

Download today and Get Data On The Go!