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Trouble Shooting

I can’t connect to the Internet (Oppo)

Here are the steps you should check to ensure that your GoMoWorld plan is working properly and providing you with data connectivity on your Oppo device.


  1. Check your eSIM is enabled – if this is not activated you may see a Device not compatible message. To turn on, go to our I have installed my eSIM but my device says it is not compatible (Oppo) section in the troubleshooting steps


  1. That your roaming data is turned on for your GoMoWorld eSIM on your Oppo device. 
  • You can check by going to your – Settings, 
  • Select SIM Card & mobile data
  • Selecting your GoMoWorld eSIM
  • Checking that your Data roaming is turned on

Oppo Confirmed Data Roaming

  1. If this is on but you still have no connectivity, please check the Access point names section.

Oppo Access Point Names

  •  Your settings should show as this image.

Oppo APN Details

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Alternatively, if you are a customer using the app, in the Settings you'll find the "Contact us" form.