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Trouble Shooting

The GoMoWorld app displays “eSIM Activation Required”

It may happen that your eSIM has been disabled by a third-party app or you may have turned it off.

In this case, you’ll need to manually activate the GoMoWorld eSIM to use your roaming data when the GoMoWorld App displays the following screen :

In order to (re)activate your GoMoWorld eSIM :

on iOS (Android hereafter)

1. Open Settings and tap “Cellular”
2. Tap your GoMoWorld plan
3. Turn on the line
4. Make sure Data Roaming is enabled


On Android:

1. Open Settings and tap “Connections”
2. Tap “Sim Card Manager”
3. Toggle on GoMoWorld eSIM to enable
4. Press OK “Turn on eSIM ”
5. In the preferred SIM card section, tap “Mobile Data” and select your GoMoWorld eSIM for “Mobile Data”

That’s it! Your eSIM will now be active for you to use your GoPlan, you’re good to Go!

Need Support?

At GoMoWorld, we're here to help. Email our care team today and we will respond to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

Alternatively, if you are a customer using the app, in the Settings you'll find the "Contact us" form.