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Getting Started

How do I get GoMoWorld?

GoMoWorld has a huge range of plans so you can stay connected in over 160 countries, all over the world.

To get going, you can get a prepaid plan before you go through the GoMoWorld app.

All plans come with your chosen data allowance for a specific country or region.
The GoPlans cover data so you can post, message, story, discover, use maps and more while on the Go!
Calls, SMS and MMS services aren’t currently provided with our plans, so it’s important to note these will be accessible for use via your regular home service provider on their rates.

So, how do you get a GoPlan?

1. Download and launch the GoMoWorld app

2. Scroll down to Roaming Plans at the bottom of the page and slide to review destinations.

3. Select the country or region you plan to visit. If you choose a regional offer this will include multiple countries. For example, a Europe plan will include countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland and more.The full list of countries included in a region is detailed at the bottom of the plan page.

4. Choose a plan in the page that pops up. You can choose from various plans with different durations and data allowances, depending on your needs.

5. Select a plan and you’re good to Go to payment!
Please note; you need to have created an account and be logged in before you can pay for your plan. Go to “How do I create an account?” for more details on creating your account.

6. Proceed to payment. Go to the “Payment Section” to see more about payments.

And that’s it, you’re good to Go!

If it’s your first time using GoMoWorld on your device, you will be prompted to install the GoMoWorld eSIM.

Go to the “eSIM installation” section to find out more on this.
Once your eSIM is installed, it’s easy – press start on the main page of the GoMoWorld app to begin using your data allowance.

Need Support?

At GoMoWorld, we're here to help. Email our care team today and we will respond to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

Alternatively, if you are a customer using the app, in the Settings you'll find the "Contact us" form.