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Getting Started

How do I install an eSIM? (Oppo)

Reminder! To download your GoMoWorld eSIM, you need three things. Top tip – do this before you depart for the quickest way to get going:

  • an internet connection (i.e. Wifi or other mobile data connectivity)
  • a compatible handset (see section “Is my device compatible ?“)
  • a GoMoWorld account and at least one purchased Plan (see Section “How do I buy and start a GoPlan ?“)


GoMoWorld eSIM must be installed from the GoMoWorld app. For instance, it’s not possible to add a GoMoWorld eSIM from the device settings menu:

“Add mobile plan” with a QR-code.


To install an eSIM on your Oppo device, follow these steps:


After purchasing your first GoPlan, the GoMoWorld app will direct you to install an eSIM with a dedicated button “INSTALL ESIM”

29 Days

Pressing the “INSTALL ESIM” button will begin the process of creating your GoMoWorld eSIM

29 Days Second

This process can take up to 2 minutes depending on your internet connection. Once your eSIM has been created, you’ll be prompted by your device to complete your GoMoWorld eSIM installation.

You need to allow the GoMoWorld app access on your device to allow your eSIM to be installed on your device.

Oppo Allow eSIM to be installed

Once the eSIM installation is complete, you will be asked to check your device settings. Please check the following points:

In the GoMoWorld app you will see a pop up message asking you to turn on data roaming on the eSIM – Click Turn On


You will then be presented with a pop-up advising that you may incur roaming charges. Select Turn On

Oppo Turn on Roaming

Your data roaming is now enabled for your GoMoWorld eSIM. 

Oppo Confirmed Data Roaming

As a final check , we ask that you check the Access point names on the GoMoWorld eSIM to verify that they show as the below. 

Oppo Access Point Names

And it should show as; 

Oppo APN Details

Need Support?

At GoMoWorld, we're here to help. Email our care team today and we will respond to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

Alternatively, if you are a customer using the app, in the Settings you'll find the "Contact us" form.